About Us

Naturally 4 Dogs is brand that was born from the need to provide healthy food prepared with fresh ingredients to our family pets that had health problems, resulting from the frequent use of ultra-processed foods.  The idea of ​​extending these benefits to other family’s dogs started when our friends began asking us for food for their dogs. This is when we realized that there is a need for a high quality food, so we decided to launch our brand of natural fresh dog food.  Our recipes were developed by Veterinary Nutritionist that guarantee your dogs a quality and unique food.

Naturally 4 Dogs is a different way of feeding your pet, much healthier, tastier and more nutritious than traditional dry food.

We combine the same fresh and natural ingredients with which you feed your family in super tasty and balanced recipes for your pet. After all, no one deserves to have to eat the same monotonous fried processed food every day of their lives.

Our food is produced with high quality natural ingredients, supplemented with vitamins and minerals. Naturally 4 Dogs recipes are free of dyes, flavors and artificial preservatives, which means much more health and longevity for your best friend.

Your dog will benefit from the decision that you make today to switch to Naturally 4 Dogs. This is the beginning of a new life for your pet, a longer life with more health and energy. The investment you make in your dog’s nutritional health will save you money in veterinary bills and medications.

Naturally 4 Dogs provides the gift of health and well-being for your pet with delicious natural food made with love.


Our mission is to offer our customers the convenience of ready to eat food that is a 100% natural with the highest nutritional value that only comes from fresh ingredients. By providing pure nutritive ingredients and cooking them with care you will increase the health and well-being of your dogs.

How We Do It

We have developed our recipes with a Veterinary Nutritionist, they have provided the perfect balance of ingredients and supplements for your dogs health. The food is prepared by our chefs in small batches with fresh ingredients, the utmost care is given to the preparation of the food. The perfection of these recipes that we prepare for your dogs is an act of love.


To be a leader and educator of nutritional health for dogs through diet, providing convenience without sacrificing the quality and nutrition through small batch production.

At Naturally 4 Dogs we are committed to constant improvement in our products, manufacturing processes, distribution and sustainability of our food.


We contribute to the health and nutrition of your dogs, by providing the best ingredients and formulations.  We continually educate ourselves and  implement our knowledge of dietary health and well being for dogs

To our customers: 

We strive to earn your trust by producing a high quality diet to meet your dog’s nutritional needs.

Our employees: 

We believe that a motivated, respected, and valued team makes our company’s mission possible. 

Our actions: 

Dedication to consistency and  quality in our buisness and product at  Naturally 4 Dogs. 

Our partners: 

We prioritize ethics in business practices and long-lasting relationships with our resellers, suppliers and service providers, as they are important in the process.

What is our wish?

To bring health and wellness to dogs with natural nutritional foods that are balanced and supplemented with minerals and vitamins, to provide a healthier choice.

Our food has richer flavor and is more satisfying for your dog, because we use ingredients that are suitable for human consumption but made exclusively for your dog!

Easy preparation, in practical portions that facilitate the convenience of feeding your dog 

Variety of recipes so that your dog always has new healthy experience.

  • They love the taste

    It is not surprising that dogs love the taste of Naturally 4 Dogs so much, after all we pride ourselves on producing a balanced diet, rich in high quality proteins and natural ingredients.

  • 100% Complete, Nutritious And Balanced

    Our recipes are created with great care and expertise to provide your dog’s everything that they need at each stage of life, for all breeds.

  • Natural Energy

    Dogs need a healthy diet to live a full and vital life!! And there is no better way to get all that energy than natural and fresh ingredients. Each of the ingredients has been carefully selected ensuring that all your pet’s nutritional needs are met at every stage of their life.

    So what are you waiting for, start feeding your pet in a much healthier way?

    Finally, in order to conserve all the nutrients and flavor of fresh food, we vacuum pack our meals in small portions, which facilitates their handling and storage in your freezer. When serving, just defrost, serve warm or at room temperature and enjoy watching the satisfaction of your best friend enjoying their meal.